Looking for Guest Blogger Opportunity??

Guys, I am writing this article for Search engine optimization (SEO) purpose only. Before I proceed to find out guest blogger opportunity in Google search engine, I would like to suggest you to use guest blogging as a white hat SEO practice only. I recommend reading “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO – Matt Cutts to understand this. You have to work upon quality content building and then sharing as a guest blogger other wise you will ruin your own search results.

Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to build tier one links which you can strengthen further by building tier two links. To find good blogging opportunity, look for the blog which restricts you to maximum two contextual links from the article and two links from author profile. Otherwise that blog is just link farm and it can harm your back link profile(Bad Neighbor)

There are many tools by which we can find guest blogging opportunity, I prefer scrapebox for this purpose. But in this post, I will discuss free methods available for everyone.

Now to search for guest blogging opportunity, we have to rely upon common sense. Any website which wants guest blogging , must have some common foot prints.

For example most of the websites have author inviting text: “write for us”, and it can be available in URL, Title or in Anchor. This foot print helps us to search for desired results using Google operators . Let me share example search queries which you can use.

  • intitle: “write for us” + keyword
  • inurl: “write for us” + keyword
  • inanchor:”write for us” + keyword

Here keyword is a generic keyword of your industry.

Let’s see basic search command:


  Screenshot for industry specific blogs with Guest blogging opportunity:


 Now, it’s your turn to explore more with Google search operators and become the guest blogger.

Be a good guest, blog well!


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