How to use Pinterst for business?

Good News Guys, Pinterest business account is absolutely free!!

So you can setup it now. Go step by step as discussed below:

  • Open Pinterest in your browser and go for business account


pinterest login

  •  Once you signed up with it select a username of your choice, I will suggest you to go for primary keyword of your industry. It will help you to appear in top SERPs specially in Google.


  • In next step, link this profile with your website and authorize it.
  • Include social sharing buttons in products on website which help users to like and share with their friend on Facebook & Pinterest.

Ganesh Wedding Cards


  •  Social share buttons are very useful in providing your site a back link (no page rank transfer) as well as good user experience in discussing about your product/service.
  • Terminology of Pinterest: It is all about Boards & Pins. When ever you have any thing to share with world, you can pin it ( Using analogy of computer file system: Board- A folder, Pins-Files , Pin it- Adding File to folder)



  • Working in Pinterest: Now for sharing, you have to organize it on some platform i.e. called Board. You can have multiple boards and on every board you can add multiple pins.


  • As you see, you can pin from any where and It will help to to add multiple products from your website or some one else site and organize it on a board.
  • Whenever a user check his own feeds suggested by Pinterest which shows current feeds as per his interest category & boards he follows, he will come across many pins and what ever he likes from there he can see and pin it in his own board. In this manner, a random user can authenticate about  your products or services.


  • As a user pin an image and add to its board, he will get chance to follow your entire board(very powerful to engage an audience for long term) at the same time he will see your website or if he click on image he will be redirected to same image page on your site(Isn’t Interesting?). Now this user is all yours and can provide you an easy sale.

Classic Wedding Cards


This was from my side about basic Pinterest business account handling , SEO benefits as well as e-commerce conversions strategy. Rest you have to explore it.

Best of luck, enjoy reading and do fun.



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