Analyzing device targeting option in Google Adwords

Today, I was going through Adwords A/c, and I was shocked to see that my Ads are performing better in mobile devices rather than desktop. I would like to discuss with you how to get benefited with data and go for better optimization of your Ads.

1. Sign into your adwords A/c.

2.  Go to campaign tabs and select one of your campaign


3. Next go to setting tab and Click on devices

4. Oh, what is this data showing?


It is showing that my ads are running in all devices but I am actually getting lower impressions on mobile devices. If we analyse this data further we are actually getting lesser CTC as well as better CTR on mobile devices compared to desktops.

Now a days,most of users do mobile shopping and If we increase our impressions by increasing our bid by say “20 %” then we can position better (may be at 1st position in Ad ranks) as well as get more impressions. It will lead to higher conversion. So I had decided to increase my bids on this.

Let’s discuss impact of this change in my next post after a week.

Task for you: Till that time you check your own ads performance in different devices.


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